03 November 2008

prayer for healing

We're supposed to expect trials and suffering as part of this life, but considering them as pure joy?!? (James 1:2-3)

About a month ago, I suddenly began having problems with my left eye. So far the doctors are only saying that it's a “partial 3rd-nerve palsy,” causing my eyelid to droop and my vision to double when I look up, to the right and down. I've also battled waves of headaches and severe neck, shoulder and back pain... mostly on the left side.

I've seen a neuro-ophthalmologist who put me through several tests, including MRI/MRA, blood work and a lumbar puncture, the last of which kept me at home for a week or so to recover. During that time, I tried to take it easy, remain inactive, take medicine for the intense soreness in my back, be still, and feel His presence... I have "Come to [Him]" with my burdens & weariness... He is giving me rest.

So far (and thank God) all the medical tests have NOT revealed anything serious (meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, aneurism, tumors, inflammation of the brain, etc.), but the answers are still not definitive. The only hypothesis my doctor could give me was that it might be Tolosa Hunt Syndrome, so he prescribed an intense dose of a type of steroid, called Prednisone (30mg, twice a day for about a week or so). He said that IF what I have is actually Tolosa Hunt Syndrome, then the Prednisone should have a dramatic effect within a few days... However, it didn’t… So we’re basically back to square one -- not knowing what’s wrong with me exactly.

In the meantime, I took a friend’s recommendation to try something a bit different... craniopathy, otherwise known as cranial therapy. After just 2 adjustment sessions, I felt pretty positive about the results. I plan to try a few more sessions… if not for my current eye issues, then for the chronic neck issues I’ve had ever since my severe bike accident & head trauma in 2001 (which, surprisingly, my neuro-ophthalmalogist doesn’t believe is related to my eye condition.) I pray that this alternative therapy is effective.

So I'm not sure if or when we’ll know my diagnosis, but I'm hoping the doctors will have some answers instead of continuing to go through a long and EXPENSIVE process of elimination. The bottom line is that I need to minimize the quickly accumulating debt of medical bills.

I have put my studies at Gordan-Conwell Theological Seminary “on hold” as much as I can. I have a group project due very soon that I can't get around. I'm praying about my scholastic future, though I’m confident that Father will provide if it's His will.

Please keep me in your prayers and share my story with others.

Please pray for healing, an end to this physical problem (whatever it is), protection from long-term or permanent damage, relief from the intense headaches, God’s providence for the financial burden caused by this medical condition, discernment for what this means for my future, and wisdom in general.

Prayer is powerful, and "the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well."

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